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Full Version: 11-12 SPx break
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Hey everyone, just got back from the LCS. Picked up a box of SPx and here are the goods.

RCs and Legends of Hockey
[Image: img252.jpg]

[Image: img253.jpg]

and last but not least, I got this little redemption.

[Image: img254.jpg]

I know copies are live also. UD did the same thing last year with the Hall. Pretty happy with the break overall. The Hopkins is F/S only as I'm trying to raise money for vacation to Orlando in the summer.

Thanks for the look and comments welcomed and appreciated.

Orlando, eh? A trip to Wizarding World of Harry Potter perhaps? I could go for that. Tongue

Anyway, nice pull. I was feeling iffy about your break until the redemption.
sick redemption
Wow that RNH will be sick!!
For sale, huh? Do you accept bits of string? Tongue SICK hits, Walt! Huge congrats!

i'll take the upper deck ice insert if its for trade Smile
nice stuff walt, grats!
Walt----super hit! That should bring you some coin towards the trip! Hopefully I can break away and meet you up there on that sunday! (We can secretly talk about Randi! Big Grin )

Congrats buddy!
Very nice break. Congrats on the pulls.

(05-11-2012 03:14 PM)rayeates Wrote: [ -> ]For sale, huh? Do you accept bits of string? Tongue SICK hits, Walt! Huge congrats!


Bits of string, huh? For you Randi I think we can make a deal for uh maybe a bar of gold Big Grin

Thanks everyone for the comments.

The-Joker - Yes I was very unimpressed with the break until I hit the Hopkins(3rd to last pack). Definitely a box saver. Also I am going to visit Universal Studios and Harry Potter. My 6 year old son is very excited to be going on this trip.

Hugh - I really hope we do get to meet up. Then we can devise a plan to agonize Randi even more than the last time Big Grin

Optimus - The Ice card is yours, just send me over an offer. Do you need the base also?

Thanks again for all the comments

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