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Full Version: It's Twins
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Well a little something popped up tonight and big daddy didn't wait for the auction to happen, I made a pm offer and the seller responded with a counter to which unsaid done deal. Anyhow check em out

Had this Rookies And Stars Longevity 1/1
[Image: TysonJackson1of1.jpg]

And now have this Rookies And Stars 1/1 incoming
[Image: 73889CCA.jpg]
I wish JT had cards like this!!! No new ZTs since 2009 and no new JTs since 2010!!! Sick stuff lumpster!!!
Awesome stuff right there!
Bleh... Tongue
fareakin' saweet Smile love em Smile
Sick, sick patches you got there! Nice!
Whole lotta patchiness right there!!
very awesome
Sweeeeetness! Glad you were able to work a deal!! Wink
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