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So here is how I have it if your looking for a sigle card I am going to ask for $1.25 per card and shipping will be between $2.00 to $3.00 with $3.00 being the max. I am thinking 4 or less cards is $2.00. 5 to 7 cards being $2.50. and anything over that will be $3.00. But if you but all 51 cards I will sell them for $56.00 and ship it free. I am just looking to free up some space so player collectors team collectors please look and let me know. Here are the scans of all 51 cards I am looking to sell. Please ask me any questions and if you need to see the back I will be more than happy to show you it as well.

[Image: scan0003-4.jpg]

[Image: scan0004-5.jpg]

[Image: scan0005-5.jpg]

[Image: scan0006-4.jpg]

[Image: scan0007-5.jpg]

[Image: scan0008-4.jpg]
wow those cards definitely bring me back . gl with the sale
I need the mussina
Guess no one is looking for the Steel Promo's if you look most people list each one of these for $4.00 to $8.00 a piece.
I can't see the scans from work, but are selling any Braves? Would be very interested. Thanks.
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