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The list for the players attending the premiere was released. There are no defensive players on the list. Some teams dont have a player, most notably the Cowboys,Packers,Patriots,Bears,Steelers,Raiders , Falcons,Chiefs (sorry Lump) and Chargers.

Heres the link

Because I was bored lol Heres the breakdown by rounds

1st- 11 players
2nd-8 players
3rd-10 players
4th-6 players
1 Bengal! I was hoping for Dre, but Sanu is fine!
wow 2 razorbacks!!!
I see they invited a few that may be the Jordan Todmans of last year.
Just a few lol

(05-10-2012 03:08 PM)lynellauto Wrote: [ -> ]I see they invited a few that may be the Jordan Todmans of last year.
I was hoping Cousins would be one, but that means less cards to have to get, not nearly 1,000 like hankerson and 800 like LaFell.
As a Panthers fan I was hoping Kuechly would have some but we just have Adams. I might pick up one or two since his stuff shouldnt go for too much. He does have a nice signature.
Very true,Adams has a nice sig.Very rare today for a athlete to sign his name where you can make out every letter,but he does.
So strange to see the Packers not sending anyone, but that's what happens when you have a defensive draft. I'm ok with it though because russell wilson is going and that means their will be tons of on-card wilson cards for me to collect.
That really is the list of players for me NOT to collect. After picking Jones last season and him going to this i cannot afford another guy like him this year. 2012 is catch up year for what I missed of TJ and my other two player pc's this last year.
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