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So I was in Iowa for the weekend and decided to do some small time card shoppin'. It worked out last year when I got an SP threads and UD premier for cheap, but this yr the selection was not as great.

As many of you know I had a Peyton Manning auto I've been trying to unload, well I did and got a Favre Jsy, Boyd Dowler auto, and some cash for trade for it. So I can t complain with 5o+in bv and cash.

Boyd Dowler Gold Standard Au 13/99

Favre 98 Momentum Jsy

I turned the cash right around and bought some 2012 UD and 2010 SPx, nothing major, a Levi Brown Auto from Spx, an a couple sp's from UD.

Levi Brown SPx Rc Au 137/140

As far as certain hits go I then got a pack of Sage 5-star

Denarius Moore 46/50

Denarius Moore Rc Au 46/50

Dion Lewis/Casey Matthews dual /200

Casey Matthews/Dion Lewis Dual Au 20/200

Cam Heyward/Dane Sanzenbacher dual /200

Heyward/Sanzenbacher Dual Au 84/200

Not bad considering some OSU guys and a member of the Matthews clan.

And then I wasn't done, I saw a 2011 Leaf Ultimate so I maybe pressed my luck a bit too much:

Darvin Adams football dc /49
Graig Cooper helmet dc /49
Greg Little base /49

Oh, and ANDY DALTON Metal 2/49!!

Andy Dalton Leaf Ultimate 2/49

Scans in the morning, sorry for the dissertation.

I got good stuff from the Manning, and great new trade bait
I have little-no football but would love a shot at that heyward/sanzenbacher dual!
Well, you know Gonzo and Mr 264 will be after you for that OSU dual! Nice hit on the Dalton as well.
Hope you had fun in Iowa, where there is like absolutely nothing to do and what a total of 5 LCS.
not bad nice dalton
Thanks everyone. We're apparently re-doing our floors so the scanner is not remotely accessible. Shame too I've got like a dozen pc items I need to gloat about as well.
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