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Full Version: New for trade part 1
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[Image: SteveCarltonauto.jpg]

[Image: RonSantoauto.jpg]

[Image: MarkTumboauto.jpg]

[Image: BillMazeroskiauto.jpg]

[Image: ZachLeeauto.jpg]

[Image: Stephensonauto.jpg]

[Image: MilnerMitchellDualauto.jpg]

[Image: Nimmoauto.jpg]

[Image: Lindorauto.jpg]

[Image: Duffyauto.jpg]
Please check me for the Maz and the Lindor
we can add that santo to our trade if you can find something for it. love that card
Not sure what you might be looking for but I am interested in the Stephenson if you can find something- check me out.
You can check me for the Carlton
Please check me on that Trumbo.
Interested in the Maz, Carlton and Santo
cmb for the dual usa auto
I like the Carlton auto if you find something
4th in line for maz please
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