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looking to move this lot for $35pp goods or trade for $50ish bv
all in org. and marked f/t (dunno how to mark a lot f/s guess i could just mark one f/s at the lot price and put them all in the trade?)
[Image: orioles002.jpg]


2010 champions mini #103 Zach Britton
2010 champions mini #96 Cal Ripken Jr.
2011 bowmans best bbp22 Zach Britton
2010 bowman platinum pp7 Zach Britton
2010 topps 592 gold Brian Roberts /2010
2011 finest 84 Zach Britton rc x2
2011 topps update US228 Zach Britton (debut date)x2
2011 topps chrome 216 Zach Britton Rc x3
2010 pro debut 330 zach Britton x2
2011 topps 418 Zach Britton rc x6
2010 platinum 41 Josh Bell rc x2
2010 bowman bdp2 Josh Bell rc x3
2009 topps update UH324 Nolan Reimold rc
2010 platinum 11 Jake Arrietta rc
2012 heritage mini(1987) tm-29 Adam Jones
2011 bowman bp25 Jonathan Scoop
2011 bowman chrome bcp25 Jonathan Scoop
2011 bowman bp52 Ronnie Welty
2011 bowman chrome bcp52 Ronnie Welty
2010 bowman chrome bdp41 Jake Arrieta
2010 bowman bdp41 Jake Arrieta x2
2010 platinum 31 Brian Matusz Rc x2
2011 bowman 2 Ryan Adams rc
2010 bowman bdp23 Brian Matusz rc x2
2011 bowman chrome bcp50 Mychal Givens
2011 bowman bp50 Mychal Givens
2011 bowman bdpp18 Dylan Bundy
2011 bowman topps 100 tp99 Xavier Avery
2011 bowman bp67 Dan Klein
2011 bowman topps 100 tp54 Manny Machado
2010 bowman chrome bdpp80 Manny Machado x2
2010 bowman bdpp80 Manny Machado x2
2011 bowmans best bbp55 Manny Machado
2011 bowmans best bbp5 Manny Machado
2011 topps REFRACTOR 129 Mark Reynolds
2011 topps ORANGE REF. 129 Mark Reynolds
2011 topps X-FRACTOR 83 Adam Jones
2011 topps ORANGE REF. 148 Derek Lee
2009 upper deck USA usjr-mg Mychal Givens blue au /gu /300
2010 donruss elite 35 Dan Klein status auto die cut /50
2011 topps diamond ann. 660 BROOKS ROBINSON SP
2011 finest 83 refractor auto Zach Britton redemption unscratched
2011 finest 83 x-fractor auto Zach Britton redemption unscratched
2011 topps man. comm. patch TLMP-JB Josh Bell
2010 bowman thick gold bdp41 Jake Arrieta
2010 bowman thick gold bdp97 Rhyne hughes
2010 platinum PURPLE REF. Zach Britton
2011 bowman chrome REFRACTOR Mychal Givens
2011 bowman chrome BLUE REFRACTOR Ryan Adams /199
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