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Full Version: Looking to SELL!
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I am looking to sell all cards listed. Looking for 25% BV, but willing to lower that a bit the more you take! Send me PM's or send over an offer and a price you are looking to pay! I only ask that you include $3 towards shipping no matter how much you ask for.
Got some offers, looking for more. Keep it coming.
check me for any players in my sig
To the top. (Rascrush-sending an offer to you.)
how much for these two
2001 Fleer Platinum Lumberjacks #17 Drew Henson Near Mint/Mint Buy Pricing 1 $5.00

2001 Leaf Limited #348 Christ Parker Pants/650 RC Near Mint/Mint Buy Pricing 1 $3.00
As of right now the Parker is in another deal. The Henson would be for $4. Hopefully maybe you can find more to make a deal worth it?
Up again. Looking to sell as much as I can before the end of the month!
This is the last bump. After Memorial weekend, I will be taking a long break for this. So send over all offers and let's get some deals done!
Hey everyone. I know this post maybe getting old, but I am really looking to sell some cards. I could really use the money. Please send over an offer or a pm. Thanks!
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