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Someone wants to trade me a 2012 Topps Golden Die Cut Ty Cobb for a 2012 Topps Golden Die Cut Joe Dimaggio on the Topps Golden website. What should I do???
If it were me I would take the CobbSmile
Of course you would Mike! But then so would ISmile
No question Cobb but thats coming from a Tigers Fan Smile
I also say the Cobb
Oddly enough I had the exact same post up a few months back. Although mine ended with a bunch of DiMaggio responses and it seems yours is leaning the other way. I think it's so close you go with the one you'd PC.
I went for the Ty Cobb. I was looking up Cobb and DiMaggio on Wikipedia and did some stats comparing. They were both great players, but I took the Cobb b/c although his home run numbers weren't near DiMaggio's, most of the rest of his numbers were better than DiMaggio's. Not that that means the Cobb will be worth more than the DiMaggio. *lol*

I guess the other reason I took the Cobb is that I'm a diehard Blue Jays fan, and although I'm not a fan of the Tigers, I dislike the Yankees more. Having said that, I actually have more Yankees cards than Blue Jays cards. *lol*
I kept the DiMaggio. Funny though. I am the farthest from a Yankees fan as well. I tried to weigh which would hold more trade value. Both teams have such a following but the Yankees I would think still have the bigger fan base.
I would have taken the DiMaggio...... sure it easy to figure out why lol....
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