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Title says it all any Dodgers auto's, relics, books current or past anything in a Dodgers uniform I'm interested in post a scan in this thread with a price thanks guys i could send payment right away thanks
I have some pretty sweet Billinglsey Sweet Spots (leather and lumber) if your interested. Let me know and I can post scans.
Im interested in both could you post a scan and a price
U can check me
(05-06-2012 07:37 PM)bunk27 Wrote: [ -> ]U can check me
Sorry didn't see anything thanks though
(05-06-2012 06:59 PM)fudgie53 Wrote: [ -> ]Im interested in both could you post a scan and a price

scans coming, sorry just read the thread again.
I have this to start. Scanning the others now.
[Image: scan0201.jpg]

We are having storm issues here so if you lose me that is why.
Here are the others. I have to keep one of these 5 cards. It doesn't matter which one.
[Image: scan0019.jpg]
[Image: scan0020.jpg]
[Image: scan0021.jpg]
[Image: scan0022.jpg]
check me i have some that may interest u
I've got some vintage (57 and 58 Snider, Podres, etc.) if you're interested in something like that. I also have a 2012 Tribute Ethier auto #d/99 if you'd be interested. Just LMK. Thanks.
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