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THis is more for eric1114, philly eagle in az, and Haze28, but all please read.

I know alot of you are thinking what happened. THis has nothing to do with cards. I just found out on Friday evening i had over $2,000 stolen out of my bank account. As of right now im trying to work with my bank and figure out what happened. They have informed me that someone has created a duplicate debit card that mirrors my original card and have be making several transactions out of the state of Virginia. and i live in Louisiana. The situations is very complicated... So all please work with me. YOur cards are on the way please do not worry. Just please say some prayers that i get all my money back. THis is going to kill me trying to get to Germany in June.

Take care all

Hope all gets taken care of!
thank you your cards will be shipped this week hopefully ill have them out by tuesday once i get my new debit card in the mail
Dude, I hope the bank gives you back all the lost funds. This happened to my in-laws last year went they were out of town. They got all theirs bank from their bank.
Was your acct compromised from this site? My LCS owner had his Million Card Givewat acct hacked and cards 'JAKED" but thats nothing compared to what happened to you..Hope the absolute best for you!
Ouch! Was this an issue through Paypal? Gosh I hope this isn't something we all have to worry about.
This type of stuff always scares me. Hope that everything works out my friend!
They have these things called "skimmers" that scammers attach to ATMs and gas pumps. Sometimes waitresses carry them in their aprons. Basically, it allows the thief to swipe your card and create a duplicate.

So long as they didn't obtain the pin number to your debit card, the bank will reimburse you eventually. If someone had access to your pin though, it's a real uphill battle to get your money back. Hope it all works out ok for you. What a bummer!
That sucks!!! No rush on the cards man, get that money situation figured out first. I hate thieves!!!!
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