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Looking for 2004 Leaf Certified Materials Gold base, and game used cards of Albert Pujols have this for trade.

[Image: BryceHarper.jpg]
Do you want the 2004 gold relics??

[Image: scan0091.jpg]
Needs these in the gold version nice Lou by the way

[Image: Pujolscompletedset003.jpg]

[Image: PujolsMirrorauto.jpg]
Back up
check me please
Wish I had the juice to trade for this one.
(05-07-2012 09:44 PM)BCBASEBALL12 Wrote: [ -> ]check me please

Didn't see anything in your Org thanks for the interest.
Check me plz
(05-09-2012 07:22 PM)zmhower2469 Wrote: [ -> ]Check me plz

Thanks for the interest but didn't see anything
Are you only looking for GU of Pujols from that set? I have this I'd deal as part of a trade:

[Image: 01pujols.jpg]
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