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Finally home after a short job Big Grin Set a record for fastest well drilled woot! Now only if I could take the "Great Jobs!" to the bank lol

First the shoutouts!

Got some freebies from Mike. Thanks a bunch Mike!

[Image: May04_69.jpg]

Also had a trade with P18Mann for the Favre and he threw in the other 2. Thanks a bunch! My 1st Thurman Thomas card believe it or not. 17 years of collecting and never picked any up lol

[Image: May04_70.jpg]

Now for the bay purchases!

For the DT PC (Is dying lol)

[Image: May04_71.jpg]

For the Magic Set - I know 2 people working on the set, both needing the Dez and 1 of them was only the Dez away. Too bad he sold off his set Sad I think the hardest one to find is out of the way now lol

[Image: May04_72.jpg]

Random PC

[Image: May04_73.jpg]

For the brand new Peyton Manning experiment!

Both are numbered to 5!!

[Image: May04_74.jpg]

Some more now -

[Image: May04_75.jpg]

And lastly some freebies from purchases!

[Image: May04_76.jpg]

Enjoy Big Grin
If you ever want to move a manning Im always here Smile
Sweet fitz
P18 - I'm going to try to collect him lol I've been thinking of your Emmitt and debating how bad I want it lol I know some Mannings would take it but havent figured out if I wanna rob Peter to pay Paul LOL

Cody - Thanks! It was actually a lucky find with 2 minutes left. Bad title and I some how was in the right place at the right time lol
lol That guy sold off his entire set and theres the only one he was missing. Gotta be inching closer to having the jersey set wrapped up!
Awesome pickups!!!!
welcome sent and nice pickups
Jd - Yeah I was able to nab about 10 from him. Teresa has 1 for me so that leaves 6 left to completion. I know where 1 is but dont wanna pay $25 for it LOL

Baker - Thank you sir!

Ft - Responded, set up and Thanks!
i tried to get that changing stripes thomas with no luck .... now i know why... Smile .... nice stuff !
(05-04-2012 05:10 PM)phinzphan1372 Wrote: [ -> ]i tried to get that changing stripes thomas with no luck .... now i know why... Smile .... nice stuff !

LOL - Thanks!
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