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Looking for: 2012 Heritage SPs I need,2012 GQ Gold Retail Paper that I need,GQ Photo VAR SPs I need,GQ Insert Needs,etc.

Pictured are all my GQ Doubles and all for trade.The Gold's are not on Beckett yet,neither is the Crawford Red Heritage.

I have a few more NOT pictured in my Org. ex. Freeman & Hamilton Photo VAR Sps(Only trading for other SPs),and a couple more Inserts & Mini's

[Image: scan0060.jpg]
[Image: scan0061.jpg]
[Image: scan0062.jpg]
[Image: scan0063.jpg]
[Image: scan0064.jpg]
[Image: scan0065.jpg]
[Image: scan0066.jpg]
[Image: scan0067.jpg]
check my org, I have all my GQ doubles in there. I am doing a master set so I have a bunch of needs.
I'm interested in the Fielder gold frame and any other Tigers you may have. I have some GQ and Heritage loaded in my Org.
Open offer sent. (and that Crawford is listed as "2012 Topps Heritage #96B Carl Crawford TAR SP" on Beckett)
BUMP!!! Golds have been added to ORG..though no pricing yet
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