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I would like to change from monthly to 6 mo or annual now as I was "trying" out this site and did not want to commit until I knew if it would work for me. Well it works, SO now I tried to renew today at the 6 mo full access subscription and I can't because my Month subscription is not up until tomorrow.
I called support which told me to let the sub lapse and renew when able. No problem, HOWEVER I have over 8000 "haves" in my organizer now which has been quite difficult to add since I am always short on time. If I let my account subscription go will I loose all the data I entered? (Sure would be nice if I could download my inventory) The gentleman on the phone (who spoke odd English) assured me, that I would loose access to my organizer in the time between lapse and renew but once I am renewed I would be back in the running and all cards I entered would still be there.
No offense to support on the phone, but this is allot to have faith in for me. Any one have experience with this? Will I loose data? Am I screwed into having to pay the monthly full access else I will lose my info?

Thank you so much in advance.

no, you will not lose any cards entered.
(05-04-2012 02:20 PM)floydtown Wrote: [ -> ]no, you will not lose any cards entered.

Thank you very much for putting my mind at ease!
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