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Looking to trade for, or pay up to 20% BV (shipped) for any Greg Maddux and Calvin Johnson cards that I do not have.

Also willing to trade for or pay up to 15% BV (shipped) for any Brian McCann, Chipper Jones, Jason Heyward, Nolan Ryan, or Julio Jones cards that I do not have.

Please send open offers and hopefully we can work something out.

I'm on my way out the door but take a look and see if imhave anything you need
check me for any maddux
i have 2 cards of Calvin Johnson.....a 3 color patch and a one color patch
Dodger1, I only saw the '87 Topps Traded Maddux in your trade list. Do you have more that you can list?

Giants1957, I didn't see the Calvins in your Org. Can you give some more info on them?
You can check me I have some of both.
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