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I'm getting everything relished year by year and would like to start trading some team lots and downsizing my collection. I'm not looking for GUed or autos but i am looking for SPs, minis, and serial numbered stuff of star players. Take a look and send over offers and I'll get to them first come first serve. Add as many cards as you'd like to trade for and I'm sure we can work something out for them.

I will be looking for GUed and autos if that is what you are asking for. I'm looking to downsize not trade down.

I'd also be interested in selling so if you'd rather buy just send me a cash offer and we can go from there. My asking prices are listed but I'm willing to work with you depending on how many cards you are wanting to buy.
Open offer sent. I may also be interested in the Ichiro Gu at the right price.
Open offer sent..
All offers responded to. I have to check on the ichiro GUed because Beckett has a different card pictured so I need to double check to make sure I'm not sending anyone the wrong card.
couple of small deals done already

where are the true team collectors at? I'm talking about the collector who wants one of every card made for their team. Not saying I don't like the small deals but I really like shipping in flat rate boxes.
Offer sent
I'm interested in dbacks team sets from 2000-01 and the last few years.
Ty I will take a look

Ryan take a look and send me an offer
Offers responded to guys

I'm still listing everything 2002 and before so we will get more deals done once i get everything listed
Anyone else? Got a few deals done looking to downsize more.
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