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Didnt feel like waiting around for Irbes to start popping up, so I went out & bought 2 boxes...

Box 1 was kinda weird. The site says 2 memorbilia, 2 auto & 3 Masked Men per box... Box 1 had 4 jerseys in it though. Cool, but nothing special. I like the Philly/Flames jersey but ive never heard of the guy... E

[Image: BTPbox1.jpg]
[Image: BTPbox1a.jpg]

Autos were nothing special eaither... Edit: I just found out the print runs and Box1 was pretty good after all. The Hiller card is a #/10 and the Backstrom Gold is also a #/10... Nice!
Box 2 on the other hand, I liked a lot!

[Image: BTPbox2.jpg]
[Image: BTPbox2a.jpg]

3 nice autos, 2 sweet jerseys, including a Full Gear, and an Irbe decades 90's base!

All cards are available for trade for the Irbe cards that are in this BTP set...
Nice breaks, quite a few multi-swatch jersey cards. The autos from box two are very nice.

I've never opened a case, maybe now is the time..
Sick second box, and the first one was not too shabby either! Congrats on the huge hits! That Full Gear is sick!

Nice triple jersey
Great stuff! Not sure why, but I love those Journey Jerseys. I know ITG has done it before but it remains one of my favorite ITG sets. Nice job with The King auto as well.
love the Fuhr/Randford/Dubnyk, some great pulls!
Nice breaks, I really like this product.... would be interested in the Varly.... Mark.
Very nice breaks - Always a fan of ITG products.
Was sorting through my base cards and found a Luongo 10th anniversay card stuck to them... I was also able to put together a complete base set, so thats a nice bonus, even tho the set isnt really worth doo doo. its still nice to have.
IF you wanna trade that Eagle LMK Smile
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