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So I have been unemployed for a little while now and I'm at one of my LCS's. The owner tells me he has to raise the price on 2011 Bowman Draft from $69 to $75 today, but that he'll allow me to get one at $69 if I want it today. I do this set every year, but being unemployed, I have only been buying a pack or two at a time. So I take a deep breath and go for it!

More than halfway through the box, I've got squat! A blue refractor of a common rookie (not a prospect) is it, nada! Somebody was punishing me for being foolish with my money.

Pack 16 was the turning point, a DYLAN BUNDY AFLAC auto!!! I'm feeling much better knowing that another auto is coming and I've hit the best aflac auto already. Not until pack 23 did I find it... A BUBBA STARLING chrome auto redemption!!! No color other than the blue rc, but hitting the best aflac and chrome autos in the set, in the same box, was SWEEEEEET!!!

Amazingly the best news was that I had a job offer later in the week!
Wow....congrats on both ends
great pulls and congrats on the offer
Nice, congrats on both the card and the work front. Interested in that Bundy if you're interested in trading.
well done!! jealous of the starling!!
Congrats on the cards and work situation
heck of a week, congrats on both!
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