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Hey NASCAR fans I am a diehard Kahne fan but recently found myself in a bit of a bad spot haha. No job in other words. So I am here to see if anyone is interested in buying or trading for some 1/24 scale Kasey Kahne diecasts. All cars are mint in their original boxes, boxes are also in mint condition. All cars are from ACTION and Motorsports Authentics.

Kasey Kahne #9 Dodge Dealers/Bud Shootout/GoManGo 2005 Charger 1 of 7,008

Kasey Kahne #9 Dodge Dealers/Reverse Pit Cap Car 2005 Charger 1 of 7,980

Kasey Kahne #9 Dodge Dealers/Dodge Ram Mega Cab 2005 Charger 1 of 2,808

Kasey Kahne #9 Dodge Dealers/Hometown Edition 2005 Charger 1 of 1,008

Kasey Kahne #9 Dodge Dealers/Popeye 75th Anniversary 2004 Intrepid 1 of 4,320

Kasey Kahne #9 Dodge Dealers/Mad Magazine/Spy vs Spy 2004 Intrepid 1 of 9,828

Kasey Kahne #9 McDonalds 2006 Charger 1 of 1,644

Kasey Kahne #9 Dodge Dealers/Test Car 2005 Charger 1 of 1,452

Kasey Kahne #38 Great Clips 2005 Charger 1 of 2,964

If anyone is interested in these cars please feel free to post or PM me offers. Thanks guys. Photos are available upon request.
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