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Not all of these are listable yet. Will list what I can ASAP...Mel
[Image: scan0002-1.jpg]
Utley is #rd 99/99
[Image: scan0003-1.jpg]
[Image: scan0004-1.jpg]
check me for the utley.
Cool Bo!
Would love to work out something for the Castro if possible.
need castro check me please
Mel, would love to get the Castro. Thanks
Rob, Mitch, didn't see anything at this time....

System is running very slowly for me right now...Mel
Interested in the Brooks ty
We have a trade in the process. PM sent with Pics...Mel

(05-02-2012 08:52 PM)joshyr Wrote: [ -> ]Interested in the Brooks ty
check me for the crawford please
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