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Full Version: Card Attributes
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I recently purchased a large collection of mixed cards for my son. I have no idea what card attributes are or how to find them. I was wondering if anyone could give me a list of the different attributes and how to find them?
Basically attributes can mean they have a serial number, or a special set of cards, it varies from card to card. Are you planning on inputing them into your organize?
XRC = Extended Rookie Card - these are cards that depicts the player before playing in the professional league.

RC = Rookie Card - these are cards that depicts the player for the first season or year in the professional league.

Main Card/Base Card = these are the cards found commonly in packs and they are part of the main set.

Parallel Card = are cards that have a slightly different design/color from the Base Card. It is part of the parallel set.

Insert Card/Set = not common as the Base Card. They have varying designs.

Parallel-Insert Card/Set = slightly different design/color from the Insert Card.

AU/Autographed Card = cards with signature or autograph of the depicted athlete or celebrity.

MEM/Memorabilia Card = cards with a piece of memorabilia (jersey, ball, shoe etc.) of the depicted athlete.

SER/Serial Numbered Card = also known as Sequentially Numbered Card, are cards with a series of numbers which determines the production run/print run of that specific card.

! = Condition Sensitive - are cards with sensitive condition due to old age or low quality production. It varies and I still have to learn the specifics for each brand or set which a card may come from.
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