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sold a bunch of stuff and decided i wanted quantity over quality..8 boxes broke so far and heres what i got.
[Image: casebreak2.jpg]
[Image: casebreak1.jpg]
ill edit this post and let you's know how the other 4 off
bustin boxes.!
[Image: casebreak3.jpg]
[Image: casebreak4.jpg]
10th box is where i hit the stall auto.... so around 3 complete sets
100 rookie sophmore showdowns, around 200 marquee rookies
and of course what you see here for under 3 stoked
all will bft or fs soon. remember guys i only collect tavares and stamkos. lol 12 boxes im tired.
Great stuff so far bro! Good luck on the rest of the break, if you wanna trade the Wings let me know! Smile Thanks and good luck, pull some great stuff!
2006-07 o-pee-chee was the first product i purchased after that year's mcdonald's and is what got me collecting hockey cards for the first time
god hugh will probably be attacking trying to get that Staal at any minute Tongue
im just super glad it wasnt a nobody, actually im just glad i got one...i was starting to
funny thing i only got 2 malkin rc...and like 4 of everyone first case. it will not be my last!
you did well congrats
I love those parallels. Can't complain about a Staal auto, either! Those boxes must have been a lot of fun to break.
Nice staal auto
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