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I'm looking to trade for refractors. They can be any year or any brand as long as they're Texas Rangers in Rangers uniforms. I am mainly looking for guys like Kinsler, Andrus, Young, Hamilton, Murphy, Beltre, but might also consider older players (Tex, Gonzo, Greer, Clark, others).

I'm looking for purples, oranges, reds, golds, xfractors, plain refractors, pretty much any color. LMK what you have. Thanks.

[Image: April27LCSscan0022.jpg]

[Image: april16scan0006.jpg]

[Image: april16scan0004.jpg]

[Image: april16scan0005.jpg]

[Image: april16scan0003.jpg]

[Image: April2scan0009.jpg]

[Image: April27LCSscan0011-1.jpg]

[Image: April2scan0010.jpg]
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