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Or this online price guide thing hard lol? Every card I look up I can't find or takes me 20 min lol.

Any old timers have any tricks up their sleeves on finding the card at hand?

For instance, I'm trying to find a price for the following care

2008-09 Ultra GOLD MEDALLION rookie card Claude Giroux #204

When I go to the filter, >Fleer>ultra and it doesn't even go up to the year I'm looking for it maxes out at 2007 I think it was.

What am I doing wrong?
Try searching for the card number and the players last name. It's near the bottom of the list.
less is more when you search
less is deff better! great advice worked perfectly and only took 1 min lol

Thanks GUYS!!!

go flyers!
Agreed less is definitely better. Usually i go by Year, player name, then card number, then i search from there. I think in your example the problem was you typed Fleer>Ultra, instead of just Ultra. I can remember when the magazine used to go by Fleer Ultra, but that was early 90's, then they just changed it to Ultra.
Good Luck, if you need more tips/advice just ask away.

Oh I will give an example for me of why the less is more is helpful. I had a Mark McGwire insert card, when i initially inserted it into my set i just did the search for the basic insert set. Now many years later while looking over my collection i realized it was actually an Emerald version of the basic insert, which increased its value. once i typed in the year, mcgwire and the # all the different variations showed up. I am pretty sure i have made mistakes like this in other parts of my collection. Smile
If a card is filed with the players first initial instead of his name you will not find it. That is why I search for last name .

(05-01-2012 09:03 AM)jacobystealshome Wrote: [ -> ]less is more when you search

+1000! When I search I usually do year-manufacturer-player last name-number. If that dont work I drop the # as sometimes if you search 114 things like 114a or 114b wont show up. Also some insert sets get tricky as if the card is numbered something like TC114 on the back, there is a 50/50 chance it will be in the opg as TC114 or just 114.
and remember, in the opg, you can use just the first 3 characters of a word "ref" instead of "refractors", "yast" instead of yastremski
also, if youre wanting to look up a set, you can type in 1992-93 topps, pick what ever sport from the filter (for that year it only shows basketball and hockey, guessing baseball would be 1992 or 1993 depending on set) and it will pull up all cards in that set, starting with base and the insert sets, its really easy when you get the hang of it.
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