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interested in Garnett and Westbrook. lmk
interested in these 2

2009-10 UD Signature Collection #37 Kevin Garnett Auto
-2009-10 UD Signature Collection #95 Russell Westbrook Auto
Updated 6/28/12
(04-29-2012 09:25 PM)jnorlund32 Wrote: [ -> ]Pics in signature:

-1996-97 The Score Board All Sport PPF #185 Kobe Bryant Rookie BGS 9.5 Gem Mint (2 of them, both with 10 subs)
-1997-98 Topps Finest #154 Michael Jordan Masters Graded BGS Beckett 9.5 Gem Mint
-2004-05 Upper Deck Ultimate Game Patch #UGP-KG Kevin Garnett 4 Color 083/100
-2005-06 UD SPA Sign of the Times Dual Chris Bosh/Dwight Howard Auto #SD-BH 30/50
-2008-09 Ultimate Collection Dwight Howard Epic Signatures Auto #CL-DH
-2009-10 Panini Certified Champions Blue #1 Kobe Bryant 26/100
-2009-10 Topps Signature Paul Pierce Auto #TSA-PP 1227/1999
-2009-10 UD Signature Collection #95 Russell Westbrook Auto (Have 2)
-2011-12 Hoops #67 Jeremy Lin Auto

Willing to check orgs but please indicate what isn't called out such as graded cards.


check out my organize but also let me know what you want the most as i have a bit of everything. I want Steve Nash, Jordan, Lebron, Durant, Wilt, DR J, Kareem. I have lots of first printed cards as well as promos & print proofs. pm me with your wants.

is your 1960 topps mantle for trade? if so im interested could you check me thanks..
Updated list
I like those cards. I have this FB card, looks very nice and its /50

[Image: f60be473.jpg]

Open offer sent
Bump for Thursday
Hey man, what would you trade for this?

[Image: Image110.jpg]
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