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Full Version: Stuff F/S Scans!
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Hey guys I all of this stuff is for sale but I'm kind of confused.... I marked these items as f/s with a price but they don't show up when I click on items for sale, altough it does say 7 items for sale.
btw all prices are negotiable
Stanton 2012 museum lumber /30
$20.00 dlvd
[Image: Stanton.jpg]
2012 museum Ibanez lumber /30
$12.00 dlvd
[Image: Ibanez.jpg]
2010 topps chrome heyward
$30.00 dlvd
[Image: Heyward.jpg]
2008 SPA finley
[Image: Finley.jpg]
2012 museum dominguez /30
$12.00 dlvd
[Image: Dominguez.jpg]
2006 Bowman sterling colvin /199
$40.00 dlvd
[Image: Colvin.jpg]
2007 SPA cain /75
$25.00 dlvd
[Image: Cain.jpg]
bump it up!
Bump prices will be lowered if you are willing to buy!
Can you go $25 delivered on the Heyward?
(05-02-2012 07:18 AM)3stryks Wrote: [ -> ]Can you go $25 delivered on the Heyward?
sorry already sold it.
You also need to enter quantity for sale in the "SELL" column so that they show up for sale.
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