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Joe Dimaggio Titanic Thread /99 $250 OBO
[Image: photo-30.jpg]

Albert Pujols Titanic Thread /99 $35
[Image: photo-29.jpg]

Gaylord Perry Titanic threads /99 $15
[Image: photo-27.jpg]

Roberto Alomar Titanic Threads /99 $13
[Image: photo-24.jpg]

Tom Seaver Titanic Threads /99 $10
[Image: photo-23.jpg]

Willie McCovey Titanic Threads /99 $9
[Image: photo-22.jpg]

tony Gwynn Titanic Threads /99 $12
[Image: photo-21.jpg]

Reggie Jackson Titanic Threads /99 $30
[Image: photo-20.jpg]

Rickie Henderson Titanic Threads /99 $20
[Image: photo-17.jpg]

Sandy Koufax Titanic Threads /99 $200
[Image: photo-15.jpg]

here are the other ones that i have.
Tulowitski sold
Asdrubal Cabrera sold
Do you have the Lincecum?
(04-28-2012 07:55 PM)TheHammer417 Wrote: [ -> ]Do you have the Lincecum?

No I don't. I think the McCovey is the only giant I have.
Do you have the Musial?
(04-28-2012 08:10 PM)MrSwankTank21 Wrote: [ -> ]Do you have the Musial?

No but I have starlin Castro.
how bout david ortiz or hunter pence
(04-28-2012 09:14 PM)rascrush Wrote: [ -> ]how bout david ortiz or hunter pence

I have pence.
$8 dlvd
how much for starlin castro or cmb
Do you have the Pablo Sandoval and/or Brian Wilson?
The Koufax looks like a piece of Arm Pit or is it just a bad scan? Interested in a trade for that one?...Mel
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