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Hey guys, looking to put a few trades together. I'm always looking for more Miguel Cabrera, Justin Verlander, Mike Stanton, and Cameron Maybin.

I'm also interested in GU of star players (especially Chipper, Lincecum, Kemp, Jeter)

**As a top priority, I'd really like to get a '11 Lineage Matt Kemp stand-up. If anyone has one, let me know as I owe it to someone in a trade.**

Open offers work best. Thanks for looking.

[Image: Scan121190006.jpg]

[Image: Scan121190005.jpg]

[Image: Scan121190004.jpg]

[Image: Scan121190003.jpg]

[Image: Scan121190001.jpg]

[Image: Scan121190000.jpg]

[Image: Scan120850003.jpg]
Note: there is a very slight depression (barely noticeable) on the bottom right corner.
Open offer sent.
(04-28-2012 06:37 PM)jnjbj Wrote: [ -> ]Open offer sent.

Thanks. Offer replied to.
offer sent
check me for the miggy gu
uvaspina - You need to clean out your messages so I can PM you please.
Box cleaned out. Sorry.
check me for the Cabrera GU also
Sorry for the delay, guys. -All offers were responded to.

@rascrush- I sent you an offer on the Cabrera

@niener- If things don't work out with rascrush, I'll check you and send an offer. -Also, if you have any mid-end Jeter/Lincecum/Stanton/Ichiro, let me know. I have a good amount of low to mid-end Tigers stuff (refractors, gold parallels, etc. that you might be interested in that's not currently marked FT. ) I collect Verlander and Cabrera too, but obviously so do you. If you have any GU/SN of those guys, I'd be very interested.
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