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I've come across a seller on ebay that has a blatantly obvious shill bidding acount. the account in questions has 50 total bids all under one seller in a time span of 2 days. He also has no other bids on any other sellers.. thats right 100% of his 50 bids all on one seller.. oh but it gets better.

I emailed him about an item asking if I could make a buy it now offer. He declined and stated he was going to let the auction run its' course. I'm fine with that but later the truth will come out why.

here's the auction that ended a few months ago.

Notice how an account with 3 feedback won the item. If you click that bidders name it will show his bid history with that seller. this is where you will see all the numbers i posted above (100%, 50 bids) He has been shill bidding for months, probably even years.

The card was relisted recently and ended tonight.
His reason for why it was relisted is that the other bidder "never paid" for the item. But wait that bidder has placed over 50 bids on his items.. wouldn't he be cancelling them if this 'buyer' never paid?

Please report this seller using the ebay report tool below.
Yeah, he's shilling. He got a whopping $3.00 increase from the original auction. In my opinion not worth the effort for $3.00.
yup you can't make someone pay more than a card is worth so I don't understand why people do it. another reason to always snipe auctions.
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