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Not sure on prices as I have never looked them up. Looking for around Ebay prices in return value. Please understand these are expensive to ship so I cannot cut great deals on them. Looking to trade for either Higher End Football Autos or Baseball Autos.

Tons of pictures:

Ill answer any questions I can about them.

whats the prices?
(04-27-2012 04:13 PM)ben625 Wrote: [ -> ]whats the prices?

Let me know which ones you are intrested in and Ill look them up. Im not sure off the top of my head.

the sr from the 90s
(04-28-2012 04:16 PM)ben625 Wrote: [ -> ]the sr from the 90s
Prices are shipped. The more you buy I can make a better deal.

[Image: IMAG0013.jpg]

[Image: IMAG0028.jpg]

[Image: IMAG0037.jpg]

[Image: IMAG0051.jpg]

$35 (Bank)
[Image: IMAG0061.jpg]


Anyone today?

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