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So just talked to beckett customer service and they cannot fix my organize issue. I will have to create a new account in order to continue using this site. The bad news is my trades and post numbers will be reset to zero. I will message on the boards once I get a new account activated. To people who I talked to about trades please be patient and I will get back to each of you.
Is your org issue THAT bad? I know I wouldn't want to start over like that
Just PM those you deal with and have them put a few of your old deals on the books again for the record. This will help get a few of your feedback left. I'd also pick a similar name to your current name. Good luck!
(04-27-2012 12:23 PM)iconms Wrote: [ -> ]Is your org issue THAT bad? I know I wouldn't want to start over like that

happened to my last account. for whatever reason, some cards got corrupted, and i couldnt do anything with org
Ok this is my new account so that everyone knows. Yes my org said I had over 600 cards in it even though nothing was there in the folder. When I would go to try and add those cards again the card would not show up and the total would rise. Unfortunatly this was the only option that I got. They did give me some free time on my subscription for the hassle. I will be working this weekend on adding cards back into org so trades can be done. I will work on getting feedback and such reestablished.
One other thing you might want to do is update your signature to include a link to your old german_verman profile so people can see your trade/feedback history.
Ya I will get it all set back up tonight with everything. Just can't believe that fixing the org on here I such a problem for the IT department. I waited almostb3 weeks and still they couldn't get it fixed.
Wonder if the mods could get that fixed with the feedback and trade numbers. I know you can transfer your Beckett feedback to the sports cards forums site so maybe it can be done here somehow?
Hey at least your feedback was 15 not over 600. I'd just leave if it happened to me. I'd never wanna start over from zero now.
Ya I hear ya bro but what can ya do. I don't mind adding cards back into org. Plus I got a crap ton to add that I have been holding off on. Good thing my eBay selling has kept me busy
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