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Full Version: Freddie Freeman Auto
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Ok looking to see if anyone has any that I don't. Please reply here if you got any you wanna let go.
i got a bowman platinum green refractor auto
Man, I bet my Freeman/Chipper/McCann/Heyward and other Braves PC pales in comparison to yours, your always picking up the stuff I'm looking for haha
Pm sent
I have the Bowman Platinum relic auto if you are interested.

What ya want for it?
Ok had to create a new account and if you need to know why you can read my post in the forums but I will be more than happy to still make something happen for the freeman autos. So I sent ya a pm please send it back to this account now and I will be adding cards back into this organize this weekend.
Shoot me an offer!
You don have anything loaded in your org. Also what ya interested in?
Yea...I just started the account today...I have been on here before but never had an account to trade...I am interested in RC's, autos, Cardinals, a little of everything. lol

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