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Met Macken today at the LCS. To feed our breakage addiction.....

Box 1 - 2011 Plates & Patches

38-Jason Campbell 282/299
91-Kellen Winslow Jr 069/299
140-Johnny White RC Silver 007/100
8-Troy Polamalu Honors 125/249

Matt Ryan Honors Jersey 14/99
Stevan Ridley Jumbo Jersey 11/50
Denarius Moore Auto 149/405
Evan Royster Auto Gold 08/25
Shane Vereen RPS Auto/Patch 473/499

[Image: Untitled.jpg]

[Image: Untitled-4.jpg]

Box 2 - 2010 Plates & Patches

16-Jay Cutler 313/499
83-Frank Gore 377/499
126-Dennis Pita RC Silver 007/100 (another "007" Silver)
170-Max Hall RC Gold 18/50
1-Demaryius Thomas Rookie Blitz 217/299

Jamaal Charles Jersey 098/270
Garrett Graham Auto 061/449

[Image: 0426121243.jpg]

Montario Hardesty RPS Auto/Patch Encased 437/699

[Image: 0426121242.jpg]

Jay Cutler Prime Jersey Nameplate Auto 4/5

[Image: Untitled-3.jpg]

So box 1 of the 2011 was a bit lackluster and they had a second box, I am glad I snagged it:

Box 3 - 2011 Plates & Patches

30-Ben Roethlisberger 256/299
52-Jordan Shipley 054/299
14-Ryan Fitzpatrick Silver 020/100
167-Roy Helu Jr RC Gold 19/50
8-Jake Locker Rookie Blitz 245/249

Matt Forte NFL Equipment Gold Jersey 40/50
Shane Vereen Rookie Blitz Jersey 077/299
Phillip Tanner Auto 54/99

[Image: Untitled-2.jpg]

Julio Jones RPS Rookie Signatures #205 Redemption

Ryan Mallett Jumbo Prime Jersey Nameplate Auto 23/25 (4 Color)

[Image: Untitled-1.jpg]

I will have better scans tonight. I am primarily only selling, unless you have any of the following Dane Sanzenbacher needs:

Contenders Rookie of Year Contenders Black #13 /50
Gridiron Gear #245 Gold "O" /100
Gridiron Gear #245 Platinum "O" /25
Gridiron Gear #245 Silver "O" /250
Panini Playbook Rookie Signatures Green #97 /5
Panini Playbook Rookie Signatures Silver #97 /299
Press Pass Black and White #30
Press Pass Black and White #63 NL
Upper Deck #104 Star Rookies (Base) Blue 100 Stripe

or any of his 1/1s.

I have a busy schedule tonight, so if interested feel free to PM me any offers if you want, I will get them loaded into My Org.
Not bad at all! Nice Cutler and SICK Mallett! Maybe you'll get a nice patch on the Jones, if you choose to redeem it.
Sweet mallett and Cutler...what are they asking for them?
(04-26-2012 05:35 PM)cybertrenz02 Wrote: [ -> ]Sweet mallett and Cutler...what are they asking for them?

Probably sticking them up on the bay with BIN/BO.

Starting the Mallet out at $129.99 and the Cutler at $99.99 and see what kind of overs I get.
(04-26-2012 06:54 PM)0264 roadrunner1964 Wrote: [ -> ]Probably sticking them up on the bay with BIN/BO.

Starting the Mallet out at $129.99 and the Cutler at $99.99 and see what kind of overs I get.

good luck....hopefully they get bought out right...Smile
Sick ryan patch
That Cutler is inkcrdibleBig Grin Check me for it pleaseSmile
If trading Cutler, check me for it
interested in the Jamaal Charles..PLMK..thanks!!
awesome!!!!!! I need the mallett!!!!! Lmk if you want to move it in a trade. I don't have any sanzenbachers unfortunately but tons of other stuff you might like if you have a list of some guys other than him.
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