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I have always collected Upper Deck. I mainly go for UD Series 1 and SP Authentic. Never bought a ITG product. How is the company viewed in the hobby? Are they considered 2nd rate?
Some people think so, because they dont have an official licence, but i dont mind their stuff. Never actually broken any of it myself, but have seen tons broken, and theres some good stuff for sure. I liked Captain-C from this year, though that was a good set, and Canada Vs The World has some nice looking stuff as well.
Like nemesis77777 said, they are viewed by some as a lesser product, kind of like Be A Player. Because of that, you can pick up autos and memorabilia cards of great players for cheap, and the quality of the cards is very nice, in my opinion.
i just broke a box of heroes and prospects, the cards are nice
patches are large but in a sense i must agree the are kinda 2nd rate
just for the fact of how they arre viewed in the resale hobby world.
but hey there still fun to break.
I love ITG for a few reasons:
- Customer service is amazing email them on a Sunday and got a reply within 2 hours...
- game used not any of event stuff, only gamed used
- product quality
-and most importantly have cards I want to collect

a few cons,
- license thing, the photos are lacking
- design at times is blah but i still enjoy it
All depends on what you are after. For me it is the only brand I collect.

ITG Between The Pipes.

If you are looking for rookies it is for sure not what you want to buy.

I wouldn't call it 2nd rate but just focused on a different set of collectors.
(04-25-2012 08:25 PM)snobles Wrote: [ -> ]I wouldn't call it 2nd rate but just focused on a different set of collectors.

(04-25-2012 08:25 PM)snobles Wrote: [ -> ]I wouldn't call it 2nd rate but just focused on a different set of collectors.


If you are in this for resale then ITG is not the product to buy. If you a collector then this is a product that is worth it. I buy only ITG due to what bonney said it has players I collect. The swatches have an explanation from what jersey they come from. Unlike UD which can puts swatches that do not match the card (ie A red swatch on a Bruins player).
ITG product rocks, with or without a license. Lots of nice looking cards, autographs and swatches. If you like them, you like them. If you don't...
Definitely not a second rate product, they've always used really nice swatches and patches, and they are untouchable in the 1/1 department, they're almost always stand-out cards. The licensing thing kills me, because I love my Bruins, so seeing a bunch of Bruins players on cards without any spoked B, or mention of the team is a bummer. Not a fan of the H&P stuff because I really only follow the NHL closely, but it has its pros and cons. Lots of ITG stuff, but some of my best cards are from ITG. Weird, but very true.
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