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Full Version: Want to finish sets
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My first BB cards were cut off of the back of Post Cereal boxes back in 1962. Since then, I've spent time off and on (much more off than on) working at completing every Topps set since 1952. I started ordering boxed sets in 1971 and have all of them since 71. I got a great deal on complete 58s and 59s a number of years ago, so they are good. I gave up on 52, and 53 as they were just too expensive and settled for reprints. I've completed both the Bowman and Topps 54 & 55. I'm only about 15 cards (stars) short of completing the Topps 56

I have a bunch of commons and semi-stars for Topps 57 and all of the 60s. My mission now is to complete the 57 and all of the 60s. I am retired, so if I don't do it now, it will never get done --- and I want to complete my life's work.

Being retired, I'm obviously on a fixed income and have to be very budget conscious. I'm new to this site, and not real familiar with all of the features. Any advice on ways to make maximum use of the site are appreciated.

I'm not an investor looking to make money from my cards, so condition is not as important as it is for most. I don't want junk, but I'm perfectly happy with cards with decent color, problems with centering, corners, minor writing on the back, or other minor flaws.

I have many duplicates from various 50s and 60s years I would be willing to trade condition for condition --- value for value. I will need to purchase most stars (minor and major) and will probably have to settle for the "good" range grade.

I prefer to get a number of cards at the same time (and pay the price) rather than spend countless hours and extra shipping costs to do onesy's and twosy's.

Sorry for the long post, but that's my story. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
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I'm a vintage collector, too. I'm working on 57, 58, 67, and 69 sets. I'd love to do some trading with you.
First, you need to load your cards into Organize, then mark them all "Trade." The first hundred cards you load are free, but if you add more than that, you'll have to pay for it. It's a pretty decent tool once you get the hang of it.
There's lots of good folks on here. I've finished quite a bit of my 58 set by trading on here.
Welcome, and hope to deal with you soon!
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