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went to my lcs and thought i'd try a box of gold standard. what you guys think.

[Image: goldstandard1.jpg]

the main hits

[Image: goldstandard3.jpg]
Nice Kobe! Redemption isn't bad either.
Wow...Kobe to the rescue lol
This falls into my "great or awful" theory when it comes to gold standard boxes. I can't hit anything better than a Kris Humphries auto and you hit a Kobe GU/auto, Dirk patch, D-Wade GU, etc. etc.

I just picked the wrong one. Congrats to you man great hits!
Can never go wrong with a Kobe auto.
you hit a kobe auto...and have to ask?!?!? Tongue lol great box bro congrats! If you wanna move the Ray Allen hit me up!
Interested in the Ray Allen and the Dirk if you're looking to trade!
Have to agree with swjrp10, hitting a Kobe auto equals a good box. Congrats on the break.
Nice break! Is the Pekovic an auto? If not why would it be a redemption card?
Yes, it's an auto.
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