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Full Version: Tribute question
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I've been picking up the 2012 Tribute for my PC and some others that will be FT. I'm not a big fan of the cases they're in. I am wanting to take them out because they fit better in my PC. My question is do you think it affects their resale value?

I'm wanting to take them out because they're easier to store in toploaders, especially for my PC. With PC cards, everytime I have ever gotten cards that are sealed in this type of fashion, I've taken them out and put them in a regular toploader. But that's my PC.

What are your thoughts on taking the cards out as far as the ones that will be put into ORG as FT. Thanks.
I wouldn't remove them to avoid any potential conflict of someone claiming you are selling/trading a fake. We know that's not your intent but that doesn't mean someone won't try to take advantage of the fact the card is no longer as it came from the factory.

Just my 2 cents of course
I say if you want to take them out for the PC ones, then that's your choice. I definitely would NOT take FT ones out of the original cases
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