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Full Version: Let's trade
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Just looking to do some trading. So send some offers or let me know what you want. Everything is in ORG. If it doesn't show up on the trade page, then it's already been traded and I've just been too lazy to put traded on top of the card in the scan.

As always, I'm not looking for anything in particular. So just let me know what you want or send over an offer. Thanks.

[Image: April2scan0002.jpg]

[Image: April2scan0003.jpg]

[Image: April2scan0007.jpg]

[Image: April2scan0011.jpg]

[Image: April2scan0010.jpg]

[Image: April2scan0009.jpg]

[Image: April2scan0008.jpg]

[Image: april16scan0006.jpg]

[Image: april16scan0005.jpg]

[Image: april16scan0004.jpg]
Give me a look for the Longo please. Also have more cards in recent trade threads that havent yet made it to org
Check me for Cain, Richards or Trumbo.
Check me for Williams please, thanks.
Check me for Tanner and Stargell Please
(04-25-2012 12:28 AM)ryanmo5 Wrote: [ -> ]Check me for Williams please, thanks.

Got the offer. Will be looking over it today. Thanks.
(04-25-2012 03:53 AM)thehueys Wrote: [ -> ]Check me for Tanner and Stargell Please

Another person sent an offer for those 2. If that falls through, I will check you for them. Thanks.
So the Longo is gone?
(04-25-2012 01:56 PM)yankees_pride Wrote: [ -> ]So the Longo is gone?

I still got it. Offer sent with comment. LMK.
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