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Just got back from a LCS I found that has been shut down for a while and picked up these guys. All for trade or sale, more trade because I dont know what some of these would go for. Thanks for looking.....
[Image: Image469.jpg]
[Image: Image470.jpg]
[Image: Image471.jpg]
[Image: Image472.jpg]
[Image: Image473.jpg]
[Image: Image474.jpg]
[Image: Image475.jpg]
[Image: Image476.jpg]
Interested in the griffey home base looking one and the pacific card i think it is. also a jeter rock solid foundatuons if possible. otherwise just the griffs
Check me for the Chippers, please.

I'm interested in the Griffey Run Producers. Please see it I have anything for it
I really like that Chipper Diamond Destiny UD card, check me if it's still available. I have a few of those from that set, too bad it's not the gold version, those are super tough to find and the OPG is way off on those BTW.
Please check me for the 97 Upper deck Run Producers Griffey, the Thomas Score Franchise, the VJ Lovero Jeter.
Can use the Pro Visions cards and am looking for Etch-A-Sketch cards...Mel
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