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Hey does anyone know a fast and simple way to list cards for trade here? The current system is set up intentionally so that it takes you hours in what should only take seconds.
To be honest it took ma a while when I first started using the "organize" here at Beckett, but now that I have got used to it I find it an invaluable tool. I also find it fast and easy to place cards in it for trade now. Just some words for thought. It gets easier the more you use it.
... what about it is taking so long?
There's no magical shortcut - but a couple tips:

1. It helps to have your cards sorted into some sort of meaningful groups up front (ie - either by set or by player). That way you can search for an entire set or player and use the checkboxes to add multiple cards at once. If you're just randomly searching around a card at a time yeah it's gonna take a while.

2. Set up a "dummy" collection that you send all your cards to when you add them to your org (or use "Recently Added") Don't worry about filling out the quantities/attributes at first, just send them all to that dummy collection. Then you can go into that collection and use the 'auto-fill' function to fill all the cards at once (ie - Haves of 1, or Trade Away of 1 if you want to trade it). Then from there, move the cards to whatever collection you want them to end up in.
I found it arduous at first but got used to it and find it very helpfull.
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