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Looking for these factory sealed or hand made sets for my son.

1984 topps
1984 topps Traded
2001 Topps Traded
2002 Topps Traded
2003 Topps Traded
2008 Topps Traded
2009 topps traded
2010 Topps
2010 Topps Traded
2011 Topps
2011 Topps Traded
2012 Topps
2012 Topps Traded (if its out yet)

Here is scans of all my traders

willing to trade other sports for them as well
I've got 2011.Still sealed.
I have an extra 2012 Topps Series 1 Base Set if interested
I have a 1984 set, it's PC, but I may be willing to part with it.
pm sent
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List update
Do you want a 2011 Topps Diamond Giveaway/Diamond Anniversary set?
I have a sealed 2011 Topps 60th Anniversary set I'd be willing to trade. It's still in the shipping box I received it in from Topps. Looking for guys in my sig or Jeter, or some other decent trade bait.
Thank you guys will send offers over
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