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Just picked up a National Treasure Box Gezz hopefully this is worth it Im scared to open it now. . . .
Card one:

Larry Csonka Legends Base#74/99
Card Two:
Tim Hightower Base#52/99
Card Three:
Hakeen Nicks Base#40/99 Sad
Card Four:
Bruce Smith Greatest #54/99 bummer I screwed
Bet the last card is an Emmit Smith NFL MVP Leather #'d 1/17
First Hit:
Jeff Saturday Colossal two colored patch #02/99
so...whats the hits?!?!? You're suspense is killing us!
Yes reposting this haha
(04-24-2012 01:06 AM)swjrp10 Wrote: [ -> ]so...whats the hits?!?!? You're suspense is killing us!

He pulls a Doak Walker and Emmit smith at the end of his break...
Third hit: Ryan Fitzpatrick Century three colored Patch#25/49 BOOOO. . .
Fourth hit:
Mason Foster Rookie Signature realllyyyy#26/99
Fifth hit:
Lance freaking Kendricks Rookie Signature#12/25
Sixth hit: I see a redemption for Century Gold Signatures#234 whos that??
Greatest of the Game Daok Walker Single Jersey#70/99
National Treasures
NFL MVPs Leather
Very first one made Nice I like it haha

[Image: emsmith.jpg]
Sick emmitt
God thats a gorgeous Walker, if you want to move it lmk!
Nice smith
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