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I was going to skip Sterling this year, but finally broke down and bought a case. It should arrive Wednesday, and I will be posting as I break it.

Because it's only one case I don't know exactly what I'll be able to offer as the prize. So once the break is over I'll notify the winner and include a list of cards that are available. The winner can choose cards from that list totaling up to $50 in BV.

Winner will be the person who correctly guesses the Box/Pack number that contains the lowest numbered Harper I pull. There is both an autographed card and a non-autographed card in this product, with all sorts of parallels for each. If I do not pull any numbered Harpers, or if the two lowest numbered Harpers are of the same circulation number, the winning card will be the LAST one I pull.

Tie-break, if necessary, will go to the person who is closest to the number of pitches thrown by R. A. Dickey on Wednesday. You must use the word "Dickey" somewhere in your entry post. Further tie-break is earliest entry. There are eight boxes and six packs per box, so a valid entry might look like this:

[Contest closed]

Box #3, pack #6. Dickey: 87 pitches.

or this:

Box #7, pack #2. 120 pitches. Dickey rules.

[Contest closed]

Make sense?

Finally, I will name one of my packs "worst pack of the break." It will be completely subjective, but if anyone happens to pick that pack as her/his entry, I will be sending that person a Priority Mail box filled with 1500-2000 cards of junk wax.

[Contest closed]

Good luck!

[Contest closed]
Box #2, Pack #5. Dickey knuckles his way to 77 pitches
Box #8, Pack #6. 98 pitches from Dickey.
Box #1, Pack #3 87 pitches for Dickey
box #7, pack #1, dickey with 82 pitches..
Box 4, pack 2, dickey with 106 pitches.
Box 7, Pack 2, Dickey 102 pitches

BTW, good luck on the break - I bought one box and got a Hosmer auto refractor I really like and what seemed like every Jerry Sands possible (regular, refractor, black, black auto) lol
Box 2 Pack 2 Dickey does 88 pitches.
Box 6 Pack 4 Dickey 99 pitches. Great luck with your break!
Box #3, pack #3. Dickey only manages 77 pitches.
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