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So as many of you know, I picked up 12 packs of this (half a box) for dirt cheap on the 'Bay, knowing full well the horrors that may await me.

Unfortunately my scanner is being dumb at the moment so I don't have pics, but I did more than satisfactory, particularly considering the low price.

Holo F/x: Cazzie Russell, Julius Erving

Jordan Brand Classic GU pieces: Greg Monroe (he has 3 variations, this is the second one I now have), Ed Davis.

Chirography on-card auto: JIM JACKSON!! I realize that excites few others, but it's a really nice addition to my Buckeye PC.

I'll post scans whenever technology decides to not hate me again. Everything but the JJ is for trade. Thanks for looking!
well done, particularly for a loose pack lot!
congrats on the pc auto hit!!!!
nice gamble : )
nice break
Nice break! On card of Jackson nothing to sneaze at!
Thanks guys. It's actually my 4th auto of him. All on-card, including the first-year of the skybox autographics. Pulled that one back in the day amazingly enough. This one and an 11-12 letter patch auto from SP Authentic are the two in his Buckeye uniform that I really like.

Now if I could just pull an MJ auto everything would be complete...*sigh*. A guy can dream, right? Smile
congrats on the Jim Jackson...

I used to collect him when he was a RC... I actually met him before he placed in the NBA. he did a charity game in my home town of Santa Barbara at UCSB... He's a real cool guy. I tried to get an auto of his, but failed so far. Keep going after other cards, so obtaining his auto is on the back burner for now...
My best from this product was a By the Letter of Grant Hill! Being a Sun's fan worked for me.
(04-24-2012 02:06 AM)magneto2 Wrote: [ -> ]My best from this product was a By the Letter of Grant Hill! Being a Sun's fan worked for me.

That's a pretty nasty hit. I pulled a LeBron holo fx die-cut a few months back. Books north of $100. Sadly it was packaged next to the cardboard insert and it got edged up some on the back Sad
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