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Got it yesterday. I can find the card on every website but Beckett. It is a Transparent. Card # H2. Everything shows JJ as the card not Kasey Kahne. May just be a Beckett error. But they have JJ as the regular and the Transparent. [Image: IMG_0093.jpg]
Another mess up in the OPG. As they dont even have Kahne listed in this insert set...? Id add it to shelbys list of wrong/missing cards
Figured this. Will do. Have to do some digging for the cards you want. Give me a few to find them.
I wondered why I could never get my hands on the JJ one like this or the trans. Its cause they dont exist, lol.
Thanks man! Thats 2 cards I can take out of my wants Smile
lol..that is funny.
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