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(04-23-2012 09:29 AM)ryanmo5 Wrote: [ -> ]Open offer sent!


(04-23-2012 09:30 AM)joshyr Wrote: [ -> ]How much for the Agon?

PM sent!
check me
check me for the scherzer
Open offer sent!
Interested in the Bo. Check out my org!
Ok, since there's a lot of interest, I'm gunna throw down some ground rules, just to make it easier for us all, it's a little overwhelming opening up your trade system to see 20+ trades lol. So just some ground rules

1. Everything other than Yanks/HOFers are fair game
2. If you want Yanks/HOFers, I need other Yanks or HOFers
3. If you're interested in autographs, I'll need autos/patches in return
4. Really trying to get out of baseball, so if that's all you have I only want HOFers/Yanks

Thanks all!
I have some football, too get rid of. Iam interested in cardinals. Let me know if u see anything
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