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Full Version: WTTF Mark Trumbo auto
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I was successful on getting a Kendrys one (though if anyone has a 2006 Bowman Chrome I would love to trade for one sill) so now I am going through the line to the next Angel so I can concentrate on one at a time. Next is Mark Trumbo so I am looking for any Auto's, GU or anything else along those lines. Please send me you offers on you Trumbo's and if you have any other current Angels Auto or GU then I may still be interested.
Just bought a trumbo museum collection auto on eBay I'll get back to you when it arrives.
Anyone else?
How about an Orange Topps Finest Graded 9 Auto RC from last year?
I have this.

[Image: museumbox2_3.jpg]
Just saw the 2 posts above, both should check me to see if we can work out something.
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