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Full Version: Game Used and Autos!
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Im a new member and I have many game used pieces and autographs cards, everything you see is for trade or sell. If you see something your interested in hit me up. Thanks, best wishes.

[Image: 007.jpg]
[Image: 002.jpg]
[Image: 003.jpg]
[Image: 004.jpg]
[Image: 005.jpg]
[Image: 006.jpg]
[Image: 008.jpg]
Welcome to the site. What are you looking for on the Grimes/Haines? Maybe I have something for you...Mel
pm sent
Welcome to the boards!
If you have any Pedroia let me know.
Wouldnt mind the Ryan Rep.Patch if I have anything you like.
PM me if you want to trade the Aaron Cognac SP
Check me for the Chippers
cmb for the kinsler R Smile
What are you looking for in terms of that dual cut?
check me for the comm patches the ryan the ortiz polonco and happ
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