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got this nice flacco deal on the bay 1/1 style!

[Image: joeflacco.jpg]

1 hobby pack of what seems to be like a million topps cards(haha) I got this..(FT)
[Image: mikelleshoure.jpg]

1 box of 2011 absolute(all FT)NOT scanned a marcell dareus rookie premiere materials/99(non auto)
[Image: ajgreen-1.jpg]/49

[Image: jerreljernnigan.jpg]/15

[Image: ryanwilliams-2.jpg]/299

THEN i saw last box of contenders and decided what the heck... ill buy LAST pack will be my LAST pic shown.

hit a marcell dareus redemption rookie ticket auto(yippee)
johnny white rookie ticket
justin houston rookie ticket
jordan cameron rookie ticket

just when i thought this box wasnt a good idea.. i open the last pack and pull this GEM! i almost pulled the trigger and bought one several times on ebay!

[Image: camnewton-2.jpg]
sick man! grats. Nice absolute hits also.
man is that flacco ft?
nice hits! That Jernigan patch is really nice.
the flacco should show a 2010 topps supreme 1/1 auto.. idk why its showing a gridiron gear lol.
Very nice hits. I'm interested in the Jernigan, plmk.
Dang sweet cards!!!! That Jernigan patch is just nasty Smile
if the flacco is Ft lmk thanks
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